The Lyset brand steps up to fill the needs of designers and architects that want to provide the best for their clients.

With each decision we make as we develop our portfolio, we work to achieve the highest standards of exquisite simplicity and lighting systems. Under the Lyset brand, we choose the best products available, and we are pleased to collaborate with our business clients.

Our aim to choose the greatest products the market has to offer at the most reasonable prices is truly our pursuit of perfection. Lyset will transform your perspective on the reasonably priced luxury to provide a fun yet straightforward approach to lightning. Consider the grace and efficiency with which a feline navigates its environment; this is how we see our choice of products – as the exquisite minimalism needed for the modern home.

Whether you visit us in our showroom or have already made the decision to integrate our lighting systems with your architectural projects and home designs, we offer a premium experience. When you choose the Lyset brand, we commit that we will develop the solutions we have been searching for to take your home design to the next level.

Are you seeking a customized approach? We are here for you and will help you with any queries you may have. Until you offer the best architectural and design project to your own clients, we will support you along every step of your creative journey.

The Lyset brand offers intelligent lighting solutions for every project, complementing today’s smart homes. Most Lyset products are compatible with platforms for managing smart homes on most smartphone apps. When one chooses the Lyset brand, they never have to sacrifice beauty for functionality because all of their ranges are flexible, compatible with smart apps, and customizable to meet any needs that the customer may have.


decided to commit all of her creative ability to cultivating this passion after falling in love with her brand. Her entire attention is on catering to your needs and wishes while also coming up with fantastic suggestions for your project. Despite having a background in dentistry, she found tremendous joy in running the Lyset business and providing you with the best customer care.


infuses the Lyset brand with energy and meticulous planning. He is tireless in his pursuit of the finest technical solution and is always on the lookout for cutting-edge products to fulfil the demands of home design. He gives his customers an amazing amount of input energy and attention because he is driven by his enthusiasm and extensive understanding of lighting solutions.