Our partners

Outstanding results can be obtained only when you work with professionals.

When our vision and the traits of our products are fully understood and harnessed by our partners. When the interior is properly put into the spotlight by architectural lighting.

At Lyset we like to think of light as an essential part of the interior experience, one that completely transforms a room, accentuates your personal style,

and offers a sense of uniqueness.

And for this magic to happen, each project needs to include architectural lighting as a fundamental part of your discussions with the architect, for a personalized approach to your project and your future home.

That’s why at Lyset we work with architects, interior designers, and specialists in the field.

Together, we define the objectives and choose the best solutions from the beginning.


How we work

We commit to every project from the very beginning.

Along with all the people who will help you finish it, we seek and implement the finest architectural lighting solutions to consistently surpass your expectations.


We set up a meeting, we identify your needs, desires, and expectations. We then gather all the data: architectural plans, sketches, and renderings. This is the moment when we aim to comprehend what you wish to achieve, both in technical terms and in terms of spatial design.


The next stage involves analysing all the gathered information. We start looking for personalized solutions for your project, carefully selecting those that are most suitable from architectural, functional, and especially emotional perspectives for your client, and we discuss them together. This is the moment when architectural lighting steps in to highlight what you have already approved of with your clients and accentuating the atmosphere you aim to create.


If our proposal is exactly what you want and you feel it suits your project, we will take care of the rest. Specifically, we will be fully engaged until the very end, addressing any challenges that may arise. The benefit is that you decide how much time you want to allocate coordinating the execution team. We are ready to manage the entire process and collaborate directly with your team, from the beginning until the very end.


After everything is done, we make sure that the client’s experience is exactly the one we promised, and that the project perfectly meets their needs and expectations.